Wroxham and District Angling Club

Wroxham & District Angling Club provides a variety of waters and facilities to cater for a wide range of anglers. 

The Club is run by a Management Committee, in accordance with our Articles of Association, consisting of the Board of Officers, the Committee and Club Bailiffs, all of whom are elected at the AGM.

The Board of Officers:

Club Secretary: Mark Tibbitts.    Club Chairman: Peter Norton.    Vice Chairman: Leon Clements.  

Match Secretary: Bob Didwell.    Club Treasurer: Terry Pye.


The Committee:


Donald Bowden.     Garry Anderson.    Kevin Allen.    Jason Cresswell. 

Peter Hannant.     Phill Hurn.     Tom Notley.


Club Bailiffs:


Great Melton: Rodney Green.    Melton Ponds: Colin Hindle.

Mill Farm: Graham Baldry.        Rackheath Springs: Matthew Weaver

You can view a full copy of the clubs Articles of Association by downloading them from the link below.

Articles of Association


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