Well done to Gavin on his capture of the floppy tail mirror today from the springs 23/10/18    Tom with a mint little common taken off the top on a flying visit to mill farm 21/06/18.   Tom with a speciman bream from the Springs.    David with a nice mirror from Melton Ponds.

    Tom with a stunning common known as triple scar, this fish fell to a quick overnighter at the springs 22/08/18.    David with a lovely 20lb common from Pond 1.    Aaron with a lovely mirror from Mill Farm.    Tom with one of the old fish from the Springs.

    Matt with the big two tone bream from the springs.    Congratulations to Michael with his first capture from the Springs, our very own tricky proper old Norfolk estate lake . Good skills in horrible weather 01/04/18.    Well done to new member Ant Davy with this stunning 16.4 common from Mill Farm 18/04//18.    Phill with a stunning springs common, 1 of 2 fish caught on a 48hr session, both falling to a ccmoore live system pop up over sweet corn 14/10/18.

    Steve with one of the VS fish now weighing 16lb.    Rodney with a 17lb common from the reservoir.    Matt with a 26lc mirror from the Springs.