Wroxham and District Angling Club

Club Matches


The club runs a popular match section for members, with matches on Thursdays and Sundays. Match fee's are £10.00 on Sundays and £6.00 on Thursdays. All matches are fished to venue rules with the exception of no floating bait on any match. For a full set

of Rules please see the link on the right.



17th March    Melton Ponds 4      Draw 8am Fish 9-2

24th March    Gt Melton                Draw 8am Fish 9-2

14th April       Melton Ponds 4       Draw 8am Fish 9-2

28th April       Holly Farm                

05th May       Melton Ponds 4                

19th May       Reepham                   Draw 8am Fish 9-2

02nd June      Holly Farm                 

09th June       Topcroft                      

23rd June       Shallowbrooke ( Meadow Lake )

30th June       Holly Farm                

14th July        Shallowbrooke   ( Horseshoe Lake )

21st July         Church Ponds, Hautbois        

04th August  Topcroft                    Draw 8am Fish 9-2

18th August  Melton Ponds 4               

01st Sept       Wicklewood        

15th Sept      Topcroft                     

22nd Sept     Melton Ponds 4                

06th Oct       Gt Melton                  Draw 8am Fish 9-2

20th Oct       Wicklewood              Draw 8am Fish 9-2

03rd Nov      Melton Ponds 4        Draw 8am Fish 9-2


All Matches will draw at 7am, fishing 8 - 1 unless otherwise stated.

Please contact Bob on: 01603  418125 / 07753  937822 for information and bookings.    



11th April     Melton Ponds 4

25th April     Melton Ponds 4

09th May     Melton Ponds 4

23rd May     Church Ponds, Hautbois

06th June     Melton Ponds 4

20st June      Melton Ponds 4

04th July       Wicklewood

18th July       Melton Ponds 4

01st Aug      Melton Ponds 4

15th Aug      Melton Ponds 4

29th Aug      Melton Ponds

12th Sep       Wicklewood 

26th Sep       Melton Ponds 4

10th Oct       Melton Ponds 4


All Matches will draw at 8:00am, fishing 9:00am until 2:00pm.                                                                                       

Please contact Terry on: 01603  470512 / 07505  906691 for information and bookings.