Wroxham and District Angling Club
Rackheath Springs

The Springs is WDAC's original club water. The Springs is about 3 1/4 acres in size, being  a fairly shallow estate style lake. The Springs will be on a separate membership ticket for the 2019/20 season, please use the contact form below, for membership availability.

It is mainly aimed at the specialist angler with Carp

going to 30lb, there are also some big Bream going

to 16lb and the odd big Tench.

The Lake is open all year round, night fishing is allowed.

Lake Bailiff: Matthew Weaver.

There are 12 swims, which are in the process of

being renovated. 


Rackheath Springs – Rules 2019/20 

1. Barbed Hooks only.

2. A large 42inch landing net must be used.

3. A large beanie style unhooking mat or cradle must be used.

4. A carp care kit must be carried and used as necessary.

5. No cutting of any trees or vegetation.

6. No leaders ( of any sort ).

7. No fires.

8. All litter must be taken home.

9. The boat is only to be used for snagged fish or official work parties.

10. Fish from marked swims only.

11. No fishing from the point swim if Stumps or Big double are being fished.

12. 3 rods can be used from 1st Oct to 31st Mar.

13. No pike fishing from 31st Mar to 1st Oct.

14. All gates must be locked on Entry / Exit.

15. No dogs allowed.

16. No Bait boats. 

Any person found breaking any of the above rules will face disciplinary action and could face losing their ticket.

Rackheath Springs.

Tom with a stunning common known as triple scar, this fish fell to a quick overnighter at the springs 22/08.


Congrats to Michael with his first capture from our very own tricky proper old Norfolk estate lake . Good skills in horrible weather