General Membership Rules

1.    Membership Cards:  These are non transferable and must be carried at all times when accessing club facilities.                 They must be produced on demand to any Club Official, Club bailiffs, Land owner or Environment Agency officer.

2.     Car Permits:  These must be displayed on your vehicle at all times.

3.     Fishing Licences:  Environment Agency fishing rod license’s are required on all club facilities and must be carried at           all times.

4.     Junior Members:  Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member ( aged over 21 ) at all                 times.

5.     Guests:  Members are allowed to take one guest up to 3 times per year and must notify the Club Bailiff,

        Rodney Green, by text on 07387 75727  in advance. The member must accompany the guest and make them aware           of and ensure they adhere to all club rules. If the guest is using their own car then they must display a note on the             dashboard stating they are a guest and the member’s membership number. Guests are not permitted to use the                 Shallowbrook / NDAA Permits.

6.     Access & Security:  Access to club facilities is for members only. Any lock combinations / keys are to be kept secure.         All gates are to be kept shut and locked if applicable.

7.     Swims: Fishing is from designated swims only.

8.     Rod Limits:  Two rods maximum are allowed on all club facilities. 

9.     Keep nets:  Keep nets are banned on all club facilities except in authorized matches. Carp sacks are not permitted.

10.    Unhooking Mats: If any fish are placed on the ground then an unhooking mat must be used. 

11.    Rubbish:  All rubbish and discarded tackle must be disposed of correctly.

12.    Dogs:  These are not permitted on any club facility.

13.    Banned items: The following are all banned on club facilities – Barbed Hooks, Lead Core, Braided main line for any              purpose, Bait Boats  and Nut based products. 

14.    Fish Movement: No fish are allowed to be removed / introduced from or to any club water. This includes for use as            dead / live bait.

Fishery Specific Information

1.    Great MeltonPlease beware of the overhead power cables.

       Obey all warning signs. Remember – Electricity kills.

2.    Mill Farm:  Beware of any livestock in fields.

3.    Club Boats:  For your safety lifejackets are advised. Remember – Water can be dangerous.

Updated 01/02/19