Wroxham and District Angling Club

   Club Membership runs from the 1st April to the 30th March.


   Membership for the 2018 / 19 is now open.


   Membership categories are:

   Full membership - This is classed as being between the ages of 19 to 64 for men and 19 to      59 for women. Cost £80.00

   Concessionary membership
- This is classed as being 65 and over for men,

   60 and over for women or registered dis-abled. Cost £55.00

   Junior membership
- This is are classed as between the age of 12 and 18

   inclusive. Cost £10.00


   ( Please note Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult

   at all times when fishing. )

   Juniors under the age of 12 may be registered as club members and are

   exempt from a membership fee.


   If you are interested in joining Wroxham & District Angling Club, or if you have any questions      or require any further assistance please go to the " Contact Us " page and use the contact form    to submit your request.